NetBackup Feature.

NetBackup Feature Deduplikasi Rely 7.
Symantec, as one of the world-class security company, today announced NetBackup 7. These applications are claimed to protect, preserve, and restore the information.
Symantec has also included features on deduplikasi this application. Symantec promises integration deduplikasi anywhere, either in the client devices, media servers, and third-party hardware devices.

With NetBackup 7, Symantec brings deduplikasi strategies anywhere. This strategy can help the company claimed to reduce storage consumption. By integrating deduplikasi closer to the source of data on client devices, increase the NetBackup backup speed and efficiency in branch offices, data centers and virtual environments, and reduce network traffic by 90%. Deduplikasi that integrated with the client to make additional hardware and special configurations are not needed because customers only need to upgrade to the latest version to realize savings in storage.

NetBackup simplifies data protection of virtual servers with a standard backup Hyper-V and VMware. Featured is claimed to increase the speed of backups via deduplikasi virtual environments and small-scale backup technology at block level, and presenting a single file recovery capabilities efficiently.

In 2010 State Of The Data Center survey, company / organization called granular recovery of virtual image as the biggest challenge in the virtual machine data protection. Symantec includes these features to bring recovery from backup files in the small-scale block level for lingungan VMware vSphere and easy recovery for individual files or folders from the backup image on a virtual machine on Hyper-V.

To help customers centrally manage their data protection environment and presents a single view of backup and recovery operations to them, 7 introduces NetBackup reporting and management console, called integrated OpsCenter. This new console to standardize monitoring and reporting of backup and archive information for the main products Symantec, including NetBackup, NetBackup PureDisk, Backup Exec and Enterprise Vault.

Symantec NetBackup 7 available globally on February 1, 2010 at a price of U.S. $ 4,995 USD for an Enterprise Server license and five client.
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delaying production

Lenovo and Samsung delaying production of the first ion-powered netbooks.

Launched from a number of technology news website, Lenovo will certainly delay the launch of a new Netbook, the IdeaPad S12 has many anticipated. Nvidia-powered netbook tough Ion planned to wait for Windows 7 was launched officially released to the market that is estimated to fall around the month of October. Lenovo plans to make the S12 as the first Netbook that is supported by the latest technology, Nvidia Ion, and the greatness Windows 7 will further add to the flavor of this Netbook.

But if Lenovo plans to make the S12 as a first ion-powered Netbook will run smoothly with his decision to wait until Windows 7 is released? Because the company also confirmed the neighbors will do the same plan, one of Samsung's rival Lenovo also plans to launch ion-based N510 at the same time with the S12. Samsung also revealed that his side will provide only N510 with the latest operating systems, namely Windows 7.

Both companies seemed to force the consumer Netbook who want to buy a new Netbook to wait two "new model" was released on the market, consumers chapters will think twice to buy a Netbook with Vista operating system, because later on when Windows 7 is released they should be upgrade process is inconvenient for some people. It's easier to buy a laptop with the desired operating system already installed in it.
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Nickelodeon Netbook from Dell.

If the number of computer companies have seen little new Netbook published lately, it seems mistaken assumption. Netbook that in recent years continued to rule the market seems as though the computer would not release its dominance.

Recently, the giant computer company Dell has agreed to cooperate with one of the TV programs children Nickelodeon to produce a new netbooks will show, Nickelodeon Edition Inspiron Mini Netbook. Yes, exactly, these netbooks are deliberately being targeted to the user Netbook children. Because of the fact that over time, enthusiastic children to participate can enjoy greater Netbook.

Total designed really for the kids, Nickelodeon's Inspiron Mini Netbook Edition is filled with impressions of education and entertainment typical Nickelodeon. Dell also did not forget to include the parent monitoring system which includes therein. That is to say this Netbook is safe for children and able to support the learning for them.

"Moms insisted that we deliver on three things when it comes to a computer for their children, First, help provide a safe computing experience. Second, provide superior educational content as well as a world-class entertainment experience. Third, partners with trusted brands. The Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition passes with flying colors on all counts. "As noted Michael Tatelman, Vice President of Dell Global Consumer Sales and Marketing which describes the greatness that Dell's latest Netbook.

Your child can choose colors like green Slime Nickelodeon basic colors, or can also choose the color theme or iCarly SpongeBob SquarePants. Overall it looks really describe the world of Nickelodeon in a Netbook.

Nickelodeon show talk was their response when asked about this Netbook
"With the Dell Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition, we want to provide today's tech-savvy kids with a creative, fun tool to help kids excel while learning and entertaining themselves on the computer. Simultaneously, we want to give parents Ensure features to help their kids are safe online. "They firmly rejected if the product is synchronized with the toys," this really is not a toy. This is the real deal "they said.

With a 10.1 inch screen specifications, this lightweight Netbook removed from the previous series is Dell's Inspiron Mini Netbook 10V, with Wi-Fi, Nicelodeon themed interface, direct access to the Nickelodeon website, and some other interesting educational applications, these netbooks could certainly be very useful for your child.

But unfortunately there is no official price for this funny Netbook, the information I can, Netbook is marketed in the United States from October, and also of course can be booked directly through Dell's online store.
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When is a netbook for free?

Certainly we never crossed dipikiran question, although it is not possible. But there is a director of the institute Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin is suggested and strongly supports the existence of free Netbook program.

What the article, Jim Zemlin argued that digratiskan or not any real fixed telecommunications companies will make a profit, or at least give a big discount on the Linux-based Netbook.

Because basically, if minded telecommunications companies to provide to the consumer Netbook free or give discounts on large contracts with a clause that must be fulfilled by the consumer, it is not impossible that the telecommunications company's customers can reap a lot of customers. Even more than the cost of service subscription and purchase of applications made by customers.

Still too heavy? Telecommunications companies may also have reduced production costs Netbook with Linux operating system is free compared to using Windows XP. That consumers are happy with a very low price and even free and telecommunications companies also satisfied with the increase in customers who can bring benefits to the company folded.

For instance in the United States also has many telecommunications companies that provide large discounts smartphone devices and even eliminate certain contract customers must be met. And this fact also can be done to Netbook devices.
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